Frequently Asked

We are not all technology experts, so here are some answers to your questions.

How do I subscribe to your services?

To subscribe, call us at 819-623-2825 to check the availability of services for your residence. If our services are or become available soon, our team will take an installation appointment with you.

How do I know if I may have access to your services?

You may find out if our services are available on the interactive network map of Brancher Antoine-Labelle project or simply call us at 819 623-2825.

Do you offer a seasonal service suspension?

Yes. Our seasonal suspension allows you to deactivate your services when you close your cottage and reactivate them when you return. The fee is $ 40, paid once upon deactivation. Contact our technical support for the reactivation of services once you are back.

I've just built my house. Will I have access to your services?

If your house is situated in a fibre optique network service area, in most cases, it will be possible to add it to the plans. However, it might be necessary to complete a feasibility study. Additionally, the availability of services for new developments will be delayed since they were not on the original plans of the project. Please call us at 819 623-2825 therefore we will be able to open your file and proceed with verifications.

[INTERNET] How to choose a plan that suits my needs?

Choosing a right plan depends on two major factors: how many people use Internet in the same time and for what purpose. For example, paying bills and checking emails require a low download speed, however telecommuting (teleworking) and online gaming require a higher download speed to insure a satisfying experience. We will help you to choose the right plan when booking your installation appointment.

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[INTERNET] Do you offer unlimited data?

All our plans may become unlimited by simply adding $ 5 per month. Are you a Desjardins member? Take advantage of one year of unlimited data for free.

[INTERNET] How can I check my data usage?

Each member can verify their data usage by logging to their account via CTAL Members’ Portal. Your user name is your member number, beginning with CTAL in capital letters, followed by 5 numbers. If you lost your password, call us at 819 623-2825 and we will reset it for you.

[TELEPHONY] May I keep my phone number?

You may transfer your phone number to CTAL only if it is a local number within the same district. We will advise you on your phone number transferability. It takes 10 business days to complet a phone number transfert.

[TELEPHONY] What options are included in your plan?

Our home phone plan includes following options:

  • Unlimited long distance calls in Québec;
  • Call display;
  • Voice mail;
  • Three-way calling;
  • Call waiting;
  • Call forwarding.

[TELEVISION] How many devices can I connect to a receiver / recorder?

In most cases, each device will need its own receiver or recoder, however all of them will work on the same plan. You will be able to choose from a list of receivers and recorders and our offer will include HD, 4K and wireless models.

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[TELEVISION] What channels will be offered?

The full list of channels is not ready, since we are still preparing the TV service. However, we know that you will be able to choose from over a hundred of channels in French or in English. Besides, we will offer thematic or à la carte plans.

I received a letter for Brancher Antoine-Labelle project. What is it about?

This letter was sent to inform you of a future optical fibre installation in your area. This immense infrastructure is being built by MRC (Regional County Municipality) which governs over 17 municipalities. This brand-new infrastructure will be deployed on 1900 km and it will provide the community with a high speed, low cost and reliable Internet, home phone line and TV. (The optic fibre network is being installed through the region in the Valley of Red River (de la Rouge) and later in the Valley of River du Lièvre). Technicians will soon install an optic fibre cable (it is called a drop cable) to connect the main network and your property. They will install a small box outside of your property without piercing the house siding. During the installation of the drop cable, you do not need to be present and no access inside your house is required. While the network deployment, the cost of the drop cable installation is fully covered by the MRC. Right now, you will have no fees to pay, nor any obligation to subscribe to a service. You may refuse this installation now. However, if you decide to get the (drop cable) optical fibre installation after the deployment phase, it will no longer be covered by the MRC and you will be charged for it.
If you decide to sell your house in the future and the drop cable is not installed, it might be considered as a major inconvenience. And your property value will increase if you give us permission for this installation. Please remember, you have no obligation to sign up for any of CTAL’s services afterwards.
Once the optic fibre cable is installed, a door flyer will inform you of available services. At this point if you wish, you can call CTAL, chose a service and a plan.
You may find the letter translation here.

How a home installation will be done?

Once at your residence, the CTAL technician will install a fibre optic cable in the termination box usually located near the electricity meter, and bring it into your home. To do this, the technician will drill a small hole in the outside wall to enter the fibre and then seal the hole properly. In the house, the optical fibre will be connected to a modem (ONT), and a router will then be installed to broadcast the signal in your home. The technician will make sure that the equipment is working properly and that the network coverage is optimized. If you wish to subscribe to telephony, an 8 hours back-up battery for the telephone in the event of a power failure will also be installed.

To make an appointment, contact us at 819 63-2825.

My electricity meter is not on the house. Is that an issue?

In most cases, the meter is located on an electric pole. The termination box to connect the fibre optic cable will therefore be installed at the last electric pole marking the beginning of the cable underground section. When installing the equipment, the CTAL technician will connect in the termination box and install the optical fibre in the trench or in the telecommunications conduit up to your house. The installation fee covers up to 100 feet of optical fibre. If the distance between the termination box and your home exceeds 100 feet, you will be charged $0.50 per additional foot.

For more information, contact us at 819 623-2825.

My electrical wires are underground. May I still have the optic fibre?

You may have access to fibre optics even if your electric cables go underground. However, certain details will be checked during the scheduling of an appointment to facilitate installation, since you will need to prepare a trench or a conduit.

A conduit is a one-inch diameter pipe buried about 1 foot deep and equipped with a pulling string to facilitate the routing of the wires. It must be designed for telecommunications and must not carry your house’s main electrical power cable. If  a conduit was installed a few years ago, you must check its clearance before making an appointment and plan to install a pulling string, if there is none.

You could also open a trench about a foot deep for the optical fibre cable. However, should the cable pass under a path or a car passage, we strongly recommend that you install a conduit for a better protection.

For more information, please contact our team at 819 623-2825.

Some neighbors have had equipment pre-installed. Am I eligible too?

Pre-installation is available in areas where network construction is very advanced. We usually inform the targeted sectors through our Facebook page or our newsletter. This means that if construction is almost completed in your area, we can make an appointment and install all the necessary equipment inside your home. By pre-installing, the entire system will be ready to be activated and when the signal is available, one of our technical support consultants will call you to activate the devices remotely. This way, you avoid delays in scheduling an appointment once the signal is available.

To verify the progress of the work in your area, contact us now at 819 623-2825.

What should I do if the fibre optic cable has been damaged outside my home?

You must contact our technical support at 819 623-2825. If you are responsible for the damage, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing the optical fiber. Otherwise, the costs of maintenance and repairs on the network are covered by the Antoine-Labelle MRC up to the termination box of each residence. This box therefore acts as a demarcation point and is, in most cases, installed near your home’s electricity meter. From the meter to the interior of your home, the repairs to be made are automatically at your expense. You must also assume the cost of any repairs to fibre optics buried on your property, whether it is a conduit or a trench, even if the termination box is located on your home.

[CO-OP] What is CTAL and why become a member?

CTAL is the acronym for Coopérative de télécommunication d’Antoine-Labelle. It was created to operate the public fiber optic network built by the MRC of Antoine-Labelle. As a solidarity cooperative, CTAL offers services to its members. You must therefore become a member in order to benefit from the services. The membership fee is $ 20, paid once for a lifetime. This membership gives you the right to vote at general meetings, but if you no longer need the services and no longer wish to be a member, this fee will be refunded.

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[CO-OP] I am a member, but I will not have access to your services. Can I get a refund?

If you became a member when you did not have access to the services, your membership fee can be refunded without any problem. You can call us at 819 623-2825 for a refund.

[CO-OP] I am a member. Will I get the service before others?

Although you must be a member to benefit from the services, being a member will not speed up the installation for your residence. The deployment of fibre in an area depends on many factors such as the conception of plans, preparatory work, permit applications to install fibre to the power poles and more. Each resident receives a letter from the MRC when construction is planned in their area.

[CO-OP] What is the difference between MRC and CTAL?

The MRC of Antoine-Labelle is responsible for the construction of the fiber optic network for Brancher Antoine-Labelle project . The MRC is the owner of the network and coordinates the fiber deployment on the territory. CTAL is in charge of operating the network once it has been built and thus offering Internet, telephone and television services to its members. It is therefore CTAL that you will call to validate service availability, connect and choose your packages. The Cooperative’s technicians will come to your home to install the equipment.

To learn more about the project Brancher Antoine-Labelle de la MRC follow this link.

[NETWORK] What is the difference between a fibre optic network and other technologies?

CTAL offers a Fiber To The Home (FTTH) type connection. The other available technologies offer a wireless connection, by satellite or cellular waves. Fibre optics is the most powerful technology known to date in terms of speed and quantity of data transmitted. Unlike a wireless, satellite or cellular system, fiber optics are not affected by weather conditions, electromagnetic disturbances, buildings or surrounding nature. The transmitted signal is therefore extremely reliable, constant and very difficult to disturb.

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[NETWORK] Why is it taking so long to construct the network?

The construction of a 1,900 km fibre optic network is a very complex process, which depends, to a great extent, on obtaining permits to attach fibre optic cables to electricity distribution poles. These permits are issued by the companies that own the poles. The procedure for obtaining these permits is long and time-consuming, but essential to the development of the project. The process involves significant waiting periods to determine whether or not preparatory work is required, to complete the necessary work and to obtain the required authorizations, a process that must be repeated for thousands of poles.

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[NETWORK] How is the construction of the network financed?

For all the details on the construction of the fiber optic network, please visit the Brancher Antoine-Labelle Web site by following this link.

[ACCOUNT] How do I access my account to view my invoice?

You may use the member portal to view your bill online and track your Internet data usage via this link. Your account is automatically activated if you have requested to receive your invoice by e-mail. Otherwise, if you wish, you can contact the Cooperative’s member service to have it activated.

To log in, enter your username and temporary password that were sent to you in the installation confirmation email. Your username is the number found on your membership card that begins with CTAL. On your first visit, it is recommended that you change your password.

If you have misplaced this information, please contact us at 819 623-2825.

[ACCOUNT] How do I access my emails?

Your e-mail box is automatically activated if you have requested to receive your invoice by e-mail. Otherwise, you can, if you wish, contact the Cooperative’s member services to have it activated.

To access your e-mail box, follow this link. To log in, you must enter your username and temporary password that were sent to you in the installation confirmation e-mail. On your first visit, it is recommended that you change your password.

If you have misplaced this information, contact us at 819 623-2825 so that we can reactivate it.

[INVOICE] How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill online by logging on to your financial institution’s website, if it is listed below:

  • Caisses Desjardins ;
  • BNC National Bank of Canada ;
  • BMO Bank of Montreal ;
  • Laurentian Bank ;
  • RBC Royal Bank ;
  • Tangerine ;
  • Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) ;
  • Manulife Bank of Canada.
    The name of the beneficiary is CTAL (QC).

You may also pay your invoice in store or by mailing us a cheque payable to CTAL, along with the payment slip attached to your invoice. Send your payment to the following address:

600, boul. Albiny-Paquette, Suite 203
Mont-Laurier (Quebec) J9L 1L4

[INVOICE] When is the invoice issued and what does it include?

The invoice is issued on the 1st of each month for the current month. For a new subscription, the first invoice also includes the installation fee, the membership fee of $20 (if not already paid), the number of days of service use prorated from your activation date, and the current month. This means that if your service is activated on September 15, you will receive an invoice on October 1 that includes your 15 days of use for the month of September, your month of October, your installation fees and your membership fee. In subsequent months, you will only be billed for your service for the current month.

[INVOICE] There seems to be an error on my invoice. What should I do?

Please call us at 819 623-2825 within ninety (90) days of the billing date to contest an amount overcharged or billed in error. This amount will be credited to you if our verifications show that an amount was indeed overcharged or billed in error. If you dispute only a portion of the amount of your invoice, you must pay the undisputed portion by the due date indicated on your invoice, failing which the undisputed portion of the amount of your invoice will be overdue and will be subject to interest at the rate set forth in your services agreement.


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