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The Cooperative aims to enrich the life of its members with high-performing technology; transforming, improving and connecting us in our daily lives, while contributing to the socio-economic growth of our communities.


The Team

Our vision of connecting us in our daily lives goes beyond our members. We pride ourselves in having employees from our region, creating a strong team committed to this great project.

Mélissa Aubin

Member Service Representative

Pascale Beaumier

Financial Controller

Alex Bédard-Larente

Network Technician

Cédric Binette-Rivest


Olivier Champagne

Technical Director

Claude Cléroux


Jenny Cyr

Accounting and Management Technician

Valérie Doré


Tommy Dufour

Network Technician

Karine Gagnon

Member Service Team Leader

Francine Gauthier

Accounting and Management Technician

Sandra Gauthier

Accounting Technician

Sébastien Gauthier

Technical Supervisor

Matthew Lacelle

Technical Support level 2

Mariève Lambert

Accounting Clerk

Sophie Laroche

Member Service Representative

Richard Latreille

IT Technician

David Laurin


Valérie Lauzon

Member Service Representative

Yanick L'Espérance

Member Service Representative

Stéphane Lyrette


Julie Mayer

Member Service Representative

Valérie Panneton

General Director

Pierre-Olivier Parenteau

Member Service Representative

Martine St-Jean

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Nicolas Sigouin

Network Administrator

Valérie Simon

Network and Installation Director

Jessica Thibault

Human resources advisor

Jean-Philippe Thisdale

System Administrator

Paula Torzecka

Marketing, Communication and Member Service Director

Jean-Christophe Veaudry

Network Technician


Board of Directors

Benoit Cochet

Caroline Collin

Sylvie Gauthier – Treasurer and Secretary

Paul Hugues – President

Mariève Lambert

Ariane Piché

Jacques Sénéchal



How to support the Coop?

Support this project which is bringing a new techonological era to our community. A project our region can be proud of.
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